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Report of the NHMFL Users' Committee Meeting
November 3-4, 1995, Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Users' Committee of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory met at LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico on November 3 and 4, 1995.

Users' Committee members present were: H. Stormer (Chair), J. Brooks, P. Chaikin, N. Dalal, R. Goodrich, E. Jones, M. Maley, S. Tozer, R. Vold, E. Zuiderweg.

Users' Committee members absent were: D. Awschalom, and M. Naughton.

The Users' Committee continues to be pleased with the progress achieved by the NHMFL in establishing a world-class high-magnetic field facility. It is gratifying to hear of the laboratory's commitment for accelerating the transition from the construction phase to a steady-state science / technology phase. The Committee largely agrees with the priorities set by the management of the NHMFL regarding future equipment given different, hypothetical funding levels.
During the six-month period since our last report, no major new issue has surfaced for the users of the NHMFL. We, therefore, revisit those earlier concerns and evaluate the progress made towards their resolution.

1. CIMAR and 900 MHz NMR Magnet.
The Users' Committee commends CIMAR for attracting key support and scientific staff. With this progress, and the installation of the 600 MHz wide-bore and 720 MHz HR magnets, the institute has placed itself favorably to build up its users' base and its core science program. The Committee, however, continues to emphasize that CIMAR's status as an internationally recognizable facility will depend heavily on the availability of truly unique high-frequency magnetic resonance systems. We, therefore, urge NHMFL to proceed expeditiously with the acquisition and development of 300-3000 GHz EMR, 850 MHz 1ppm NMR and 900 - 1100 MHz high resolution NMR systems. With regard to the 900 MHz system we continue to be concerned about the delays occurring in the purchase of the wire allegedly caused by budgetary limitation. We are pleased, however, that the cooperation with IGC has been formalized and a vendor of exceptionally high quality superconducting wire has been identified.

2. User Support at LANL.
The Users' Committee was pleased to hear about the steps taken aimed at raising the level of quality of the user support at the LANL high field facility. The establishment of two PhD staff members positions and one technical staff position linked directly to the users of the pulsed field facility as well as the restructuring of the NHMFL/LANL managerial reporting structure are recognized as valuable steps towards improving users' support. We are looking forwared to seeing these changes implemented and expect them to have a positive impact on the user operation as well as on the morale of the staff. Much of the technical success of this high field facility relies on the timely completion and availability of the 60T, quasi-continuous magnet. The Users' Committee fully supports management's high priority for this unique facility with a prospect of achieving 100T fields before the turn of the century.
3. Highest-field dc Magnets.
The Users' Committee is pleased to hear that NHMFL management, together with the NSF, is streamlining the process by which the 45T hybrid-magnet is to be implemented. It recognizes, with appreciation, that a competing 45T Bitter magnet has been lowered on the lab's priority list in favor of several specialty magnets, as requested by the Users' Committee. We are enthusiastic about the pending implementation of both high gradient (≈ 1T/cm) and field modulation (peak to peak amplitude of 2T from dc to 100 Hz) in the high field (> 20T) resistive magnets. As to the split-coil resistive magnet presently planned for service in 1999, we urge to move its completion date to the more immediate future, even if this were to imply a somewhat reduced peak field. Such a unique facility could be employed for both ultra-high gradient as well as high precision sample rotation studies.

In summary, the Users' Committee is pleased with the response of the NHMFL to its May 1995 a report. We are looking forward to a continuing scientifically productive and exciting relationship with the NHMFL.
Submitted on behalf of the Users' Committee.
H. L. Stormer, (Chair)
November, 1995.
NHMFL Users' Committee
David Aswchalom - awsch@lotemp.physics.ucsb.edu
Jim Brooks - brooks@magnet.fsu.edu
Paul Chaikin - chaikin@pupgg.princeton.edu
Naresh Dalal - ndalal@wvnvm.bitnet
Roy Goodrich - goodrich@rouge.phys.lsu.edu
Eric Jones - edjones@sandia.gov
Martin Maley - maley@rayleigh.lanl.gov
Mike Naughton - naughton@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Horst Stormer - horst@physics.att.com
Stan Tozer - tozer@magnet.fsu.edu
Regitze Vold - rrvold@uscd.edu
Eric Zuiderweg - erpz@ernst.biop.umich.edu
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