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National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Statement of Purpose

The Users' Committee for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is an elected council whose purpose is twofold: 1) to represent the interests of the high magnetic field user community as a whole; and 2) to advise the Directorate of the NHMFL on matters and policies affecting the operation of the facility. These general functions will be performed through the following specific actions:

Members of the Users' Committee are nominated at the annual meeting of the Users' Group and by nominations sent to the Secretary of the Committee. Members are elected for staggered three year terms by ballots sent to the Users' Group. The Users' Group consists of all users of any of the NHMFL facilities and anyone interested enough in high magnetic field research to send their name and addresses to the NHMFL. The term of office begins on January 1 following the election and ends on December 31 three years later.

The Users' Committee meets twice a year. The May meeting is in Tallahassee and the November meeting alternates between Los Alamos and Gainesville. The Users' Group meets once a year the Sunday before the March Meeting of the American Physical Society and at such other times as seems appropriate.

The Users' Committee elects its Chair and Secretary at the start of the May meeting. They serve for one year and may succeed themselves if re-elected.
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